How We Do Leadership

What is leadership?

From the smallest team to the largest organization, there are three crucial roles which comprise leadership:

  1. Communicate an inspiring vision: It is the leader’s job to define the purpose of the group in a way that inspires and motivates everyone, and sets boundaries that focus the group’s attention.

  2. Model the culture: Leaders must deeply embody the values of the group so they can model behavior that aligns with those values.

  3. Create more leaders: A leader should always be focused on developing more leaders by elevating people into positions they aren’t quite ready for, then providing the support they need to succeed.

When filling a leadership role in any group, keep these Principles of Leadership in mind:

Replicate, Don’t Dominate

Success is measured by how many new leaders you create. A great leader shares the most glamorous and most menial tasks, and knows when to support and when to get out of the way.

Care Genuinely

Leadership means taking a personal interest in each of the people you are leading and what they have to offer. It must be genuine; it can’t be a performance.

Listen First

Listening isn’t done until the speaker feels heard. Pausing to listen is a stitch in time that nurtures relationships for the long term.

Surrender the Small Stuff

A skilled leader is quick to let go of the details and focus on what is most important. Let people make mistakes to learn from; never micromanage.

Give Away the Passwords

Literally. (And figuratively.) Have faith in the people you’re leading and default to disclosure.

Lead Anonymously

Leaders motivated by admiration fail to empower others. Leave a legacy without getting caught.

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