How We Show Up

The principles we agree to abide by in the course of our participation in Pro-Animal Future.

1. Power Politics

We win for animals by building real power and being willing to exercise it. Real power is us: voters, volunteers, and small donors acting as a unified bloc.

2. Courtesy Breeds Compassion

We strive to cultivate understanding and love for all beings, even our adversaries. But until we get there, we commit to treating ourselves, each other, the public, and our adversaries with utmost courtesy.

3. Driven by Research

We know that evidence comes in many forms and from unexpected places. We base our approach on the best of it and constantly look for ways to improve.

4. Power Through Stories

The research tells us that facts and righteousness don’t win hearts and minds. We create change through our ability to connect with others. We invite the world to emotionally engage with our cause through storytelling and honest personal disclosure.

5. Everyone Is Crew

We are a movement powered by volunteers. Each person’s voice in strategic decisions is proportional to hard work. Staff positions exist to enable volunteers to make change happen. Everyone has the authority to solve problems as long as they’re willing to roll up their sleeves.

6. Frugal

We fund us, and we all deserve to know that our money is used with care. We use creativity to stay frugal so that we can build an independent movement powered by small donations.

7. Power Positive

We bring power to the surface and celebrate leadership in all forms, believing that power held wisely—and transparently—by one is power for all. When the power we hold results in harm, we do our best to act with accountability.

8. Right to be Raggedy

We dare to work towards a brighter future despite overwhelming odds. We do our best work and celebrate failure as a necessary step on the way, holding ourselves and each other with love and understanding when things blow up in our faces.

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