Using Stampede for Outreach

How to use Stampede to search for and filter your assigned activists, and send messages through the platform to streamline your weekly outreach.

Searching & Filtering Activists

Sending Individual or Bulk Messages

Searching & Filtering Activists

  1. In the Stampede portal, navigate to the ‘Organizing’ tab in the top menu.

  2. If you scroll down, you’ll see a list of all activists. You can narrow the results by using the filter bar at the top, where you’re able to:

    • Search for individual activists by name

    • Filter by ladder status (Prospect, Recruit, Member, etc)

    • Select ‘My Team’ to see only activists assigned to you

Sending Individual or Bulk Messages

  1. Once you find the activist(s) you’d like to reach out to, you can either send text messages one by one, or in bulk.

    • Individual text: To send a text to one person, search them by name and select the messages icon.

    • Bulk text: To send a text to multiple activists, you can select them using the check box to the left of their names, then choose an SMS option in the action bar at the top of the list.

      • SMS 2-way sends a text message from your personal phone number so that recipients can respond. This is most likely the option you’ll want to use for personalized outreach messages so that you can have two-way conversations.

      • SMS 1-way sends a text message from a generic PAF phone number. This is an outbound-only text, and they will be unable to reply. This is a good option for sending a generic message such as a bulk invite to the campaign socials, but not for more personalized messages that may warrant a response.

  2. Whichever option you select will prompt the messaging app on your device to open.

  3. Write your message and send. Any bulk communication is handled by the app and doesn’t cost you anything.

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