Speech Talking Points: Rousing the Community

Below are some ideas for creating an impromptu speech to inspire others in the community and serve as a reminder of why we are here.

  • Define a shared goal: Create a sense of connection among the community and with the cause by sharing a reminder of the ultimate goal that unites us.

    • Example: We are here not as individuals, but as a part of a movement that refuses to turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals. We share in our commitment to creating a world where every being has the right to live freely.

  • Signal urgency: Remind people of the weight and urgency of our cause.

    • Example: Every day, we are surrounded by constant reminders of the individuals who have been lost to the oppressive systems that exploit and harm them.

  • Share compelling stories or campaign statistics: Show how our efforts are moving the needle, or changing hearts and minds.

    • Share a moving story from canvassing or interacting with the public

    • Prepare some stats about the work we’re doing

      • Number of volunteer hours, completed voter conversations, etc.

  • Establish a moral imperative: Create a sense of shared responsibility. Acknowledge that while what we do is hard, we have an ethical responsibility to fight for those who are being exploited and harmed.

    • Example: While at times what we do can feel heavy, frustrating, even futile, now is not the time to give in to those feelings. Now is the time to step up our efforts to fight for those who are suffering.

  • Discuss the value of our work: Remind people of the value in what we are doing and that every win, however small, can be a catalyst for larger change.

    • Example: Through our work, we are not only fighting to ban cruel industries here in Denver, we are laying the groundwork for a future in which this is the accepted norm. Denver can serve as an example for more compassionate choices everywhere.

  • Encourage involvement & recruitment: Emphasize that we are part of a collective movement where every individual contributes to our broader progress and that the more people we get involved, the stronger we are.

    • Example: Every member of our community brings a unique set of experiences, skills, and perspectives to the table. The more people we can get to join in our efforts, the greater our strength as a movement.

  • Call to action: Acknowledge and express gratitude for the contributions people have made so far, while calling the community to action based on current campaign needs.

    • Example: Thank you to everyone whose efforts have gotten us to where we are. Now, more than ever, we need your support in order to get these measures passed. [Insert specific action]

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