Article VI: Records

Section 6.1 Minutes, Records, Etc.

The Corporation shall keep as permanent records minutes of all meetings of the Mission Circle, a record of all actions taken by the MC without a meeting, a record of all actions taken by a committee on behalf of the corporation, and a record of all waivers of notices of meetings of each Board or any committee of each Board.

Section 6.2 Accounting Records.

The Corporation shall maintain appropriate accounting records.

Section 6.3 Records in Written Form.

The Corporation shall maintain its records in written or electronic form.

Section 6.4 Records Maintained at Principal Office.

The Corporation shall keep a copy of each of the following records at its principal office:

  1. The articles of incorporation;

  2. These Bylaws;

  3. A list of the names and business or home addresses of all current Directors and Officers;

  4. All financial statements and Forms 990 prepared for periods ending during the last three years;

  5. The Corporation's application for recognition of exemption and the tax-exemption determination letter issued by the Internal Revenue Service; and

  6. All other documents or records required to be maintained by the Corporation at its principal office under applicable law or regulation.

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