Content Guidelines for Social Media

What is and is not appropriate for PAF's social media pages.

What We Post

Social media is a way for Pro-Animal Future to reach a unique audience. By posting regularly and replying to comments consistently on different platforms, we hope to inspire people in Denver to sign, talk about, and vote for our initiatives, inspire people in other jurisdictions to do similar work elsewhere, and inspire volunteers to join and keep coming out.

  • Photos of petitioners in action, especially people in the act of signing petitions or groups of petitioners smiling and looking at the camera.

  • Photos of community events, candid and posed

  • Messages promoting getting involved in the campaign, showing up to particular events, or voting yes on our initiatives

  • Occasional animal rights news, shouting out specific groups or individuals responsible for success when applicable.

  • In the plural first person (we/us)

  • Replies to all comments.

  • Always include text along with any photo or event you post on Facebook or any link you share on Twitter.

  • Photos of animals that create a positive emotional connection

What We Don’t Post

  • Photos of people privately hanging out with each other or at an informal event that wasn’t open to the entire campaign (so that no one feels excluded or exposed)

  • Anything relating to veganism or diet change

  • Too many photos of any one individual

  • Graphic photos

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