Creating Events

How to schedule and cancel shifts and events using the Stampede portal.

Scheduling Events

Canceling Your Event

Scheduling Events

How to add an upcoming shift or event that you’ll be hosting to the Stampede portal.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Events’ tab in the top menu, then select ‘Host Event’.

  1. Enter the event details in the form that appears.

    • Name: What you would like the event title to be (e.g. “Postcard Writing Party”)

    • Type: Select the event type from the available options (voter outreach encompasses most shift types)

    • Location: Where the event will take place. Start typing in the address and accept the auto-complete suggestion to ensure it shows up accurately on the map. Leave this blank if your event is virtual

    • Meeting Link: If the event is virtual or hybrid, you’ll need to create and include a meeting link (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet) Leave this blank if your event is in person

    • What to bring: Any resources you’d like attendees to bring with them, including a charged phone, pen/paper, snacks, etc.

    • Start & end time: Enter the date & time your event will begin, and when you’d like to aim for it to end

    • Description: A brief description of what the event is, the location type and any access instructions that may be needed, and whether food will be served

    • Attendee Limit: Select whether or not you’d like to limit attendees, and if so add the number you’d like to cap attendance at (e.g. 10 people)

    • Visible to Public: Selecting “No” limits the event to only community members with Stampede logins, while selecting “Yes” makes the event viewable to anyone that visits the Stampede site. By default, you can select “No” for smaller social events and shifts since these are generally only open to community members.

      • *Note: Selecting “No” also ensures your personal address, if listed, is not visible to the public.

  1. When finished, select the green “Complete” button at the bottom of the form.

  2. Your event will appear alongside all other scheduled events under the ‘Browse Events’ tab, where activists can RSVP to attend.

*Note: The ability to copy events, create recurring events, and edit events is coming soon. The platform does not currently support these functions.

Canceling Your Event

While every user is able to cancel their own events, Organizers and Support team members have the ability to cancel any event. In case of a cancellation, an email is sent to all attendees.

  1. If you need to cancel your event, you can do so by locating your event under the ‘Browse Events’ tab, and selecting ‘Cancel event’.

    • *Note: Please review the event details to double-check that it is definitely your event before canceling, as organizers have the ability to cancel any event.

  1. If you do need to cancel, be sure to text everyone who RSVP’d to let them know, particularly if it’s a last-minute cancellation as not everyone may check their email.

    • You can do this by clicking the ‘Details’ button to the right of ‘Cancel event’ as shown above, then, ‘Text attendees’.

    • On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to enter a message that will be sent to everyone via text who RSVP’d to your event.

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