Managing Your Event

Once you have created a shift, it’s up to you to make sure that people attend! How to check RSVPs and take action to fill your shift.

Checking RSVPs

Filling Your Shift

Checking RSVPs

To see who has signed up for your shift, you can navigate to the ‘Events’ tab in the top menu, then ‘Browse events’. Scroll through the list to find your event, where you’ll see the number of attendees on the event listing. You can find the specific attendees if interested by clicking ‘Details’.

*Note: After RSVPing to an event, a confirmation email for the event is sent to the activist from which they can add it to their calendar if desired. In addition to their device’s default reminder settings, they can also set a reminder on their Stampede account page if they choose this option. Reminders are sent 24h before an event starts.

Filling Your Shift

If you still have open spots left for your shift or would like to remind people of your upcoming event, you can do so by sending group reminders or individual invites through Slack and Stampede. Sending individual invites is a great way to encourage activists to attend, and helps make newer or less involved community members feel more welcome.

  1. Slack:

    • Send a message in Slack to the #campaign channel.

    • Send individual messages to activists in Slack. (*Note: Only depend on this for activists that you know to be active on Slack, as not everyone regularly checks their messages)

  2. Stampede:

    • Send a bulk text message reminder to a group of activists.

    • Send individual texts to specific invitees.

**You can find step-by-step instructions for sending messages through Stampede here.

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