Organizer Responsibilities

This page outlines your key responsibilities as an organizer. The remaining sections of this guide will explain how to fulfill these responsibilities.

  1. Recruiting, Onboarding & Supporting New Activists

A large part of your role as an organizer is to help grow and maintain our community of activists. This includes recruiting new activists by asking interested people to complete the sign-up form and leading onboarding calls (if you’ve opted in). It also includes encouraging involvement from new activists by sending personalized invites to events and shifts, helping them feel welcome during socials, and offering support as they get started with their activism.

  1. Organizing & Leading Shifts

Organizers lead at least one shift on a biweekly basis. This includes scheduling the shift in Stampede, promoting and filling the shift, and acting as the shift lead. During each shift, we want to ensure activists feel supported and that they are part of an organized group.

  1. Keeping Activists Engaged

Grassroots movements such as ours rely on a group of dedicated activists. Organizers each have an assigned group of activists that they’re responsible for moving through the ladder of engagement. The organizer’s goal is to invite people to get more involved in the campaign over time by providing support and mentorship.

  1. Tracking Organizing Activity in Stampede

Our Stampede portal was created to help support and track organizing efforts. You’re responsible for adding any events or shifts you plan to host in Stampede so that the community is aware, tracking activists’ levels of engagement with the campaign, reaching out to your assigned activists, and logging notes from your conversations.

  1. Creating a Sense of Community

When activists feel a sense of belonging, relatedness, and community, they are more likely to stay involved. Organizers are the ambassadors of the PAF community, and are instrumental in creating a sense of belonging through relational organizing. This includes getting to know all activists assigned to you, encouraging participation, and making sure everyone at events you attend feels included and welcomed.

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