Tracking Activist Engagement

This section provides an overview of how we define and track engagement levels in Stampede, and what we should be doing for activists at each stage in order to move them up the ladder.

Ladder Statuses & Actions

Adding Notes to Activist Profiles

Ladder Statuses & Actions

The ladder of engagement is a framework we use to help deepen the involvement of our activist base. In order to track engagement levels, each Volunteer is assigned a number in Stampede. Below is a guide to the numbered statuses that you’ll find assigned to each volunteer in our system, and the actions needed for the activists at each stage.

  • 0 – Pending: They have completed the volunteer interest form and been entered into our system, but they have not yet been onboarded.

  • 1 – Prospect: They have completed their onboarding call, but have not yet attended a shift.

  • 2 – Recruit: They have attended their first shift.

  • 3 – Member: They are regularly attending different kinds of PAF events and have become an engaged community member. This is the ideal stage that we would like to get people to. (Stampede will automatically assess someone as a 3 after their 7th event).

  • 4 – Organizer: This person regularly fulfills certain leadership responsibilities within the campaign.

  • T – Support Team: This person fills a specific technical role on the PAF support team.

Adding Notes to Activist Profiles

Any noteworthy information from your conversations with activists should be logged in Stampede as “Notes”. This could include anything discussed during your biweekly 1:1s that you’d like to keep track of, including pain points and additional needs, ideas and areas of interest, or personal life updates you think other organizers should be aware of. To add notes to activist profiles, you can follow the steps below.

  1. From the Stampede ‘Organizing’ page, you’ll search their name

  2. Check the box to the left of their name, then go to the actions bar just below the search and filter bar, and click the “Add Note” option

  1. A window will pop up where you can enter your note(s)

  2. Once done, select “Create”

*Note: You can add the same note to multiple activist profiles by selecting each name before clicking “Add Note”. The note will then save to each activist’s profile.

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