Social Media Quick Reference Guide

A brief overview of the differences between each social platform and content type, plus some hashtag ideas.

Table of Contents:

Navigating the Different Platforms

Facebook & Instagram Content Types

Hashtag Suggestions

A quick overview of the differences to note between the social platforms where PAF has a presence. You'll want to vary your post captions between platforms to fit the content style, tone, and number of hastags.





Longer captions work well here, and you can share a variety of visual content and links.

Informal, conversational, and inclusive. This platform has the widest age range of users.

Use sparingly (2-3 is plenty).


Aesthetics are key. Prioritize high-quality images & videos. No links (except on stories).

Keep captions somewhat brief and sharp, with the focus on the visual content.

More hashtags = more reach (~20 is ideal).


Be succinct and clear, as there’s a strict character limit (280 characters). Visual content and links can be easily shared.

Fast-paced and conversational. Humor and wit are appreciated.

No more than 2. Character limit also applies to hashtags.

Facebook & Instagram Content Types

Facebook and Instagram offer a few different content types to consider when making post. Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences.


Posts are permanent and will appear on PAF’s profile, as well as in the news feed. These are the most common type of content featuring a photo or video along with a caption.


Stories are vertical, full-screen photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. They appear at the top of the platform/app interface rather than in the news feed, and can include interactive tools like stickers and links.


Reels are vertical formatted videos that post to PAF’s profile and appear in the news feed. This is a great tool for reaching people who don’t currently follow us.

Live Video

‘Going live’ creates a live stream that appears next to ‘Stories’, and is uploaded to PAF’s profile when streaming ends. Followers of the account are also notified of live streams as long as their notifications are turned on.

Hashtag Suggestions

Feel free to get creative with these, but here are some hashtags you can use. Be sure to prioritize including the #ProAnimalFuture hashtag!





















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