Contemplation of Why We Are Here

A scripted meditation to call attention to our collective purpose. Good for starting meetings. Adapted from Animal Think Tank

Shall we start with a minute of contemplation to remember why we’re here. I invite you to still your body, [pause] find a balanced posture [pause], and close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so [pause] and we’ll take time in silence:

[slow pace, pausing frequently]

To remember all those animals who are born into captivity, where they suffer and are killed. To remember how they love, and how their families are torn apart. To remember how they resist everyday and fight back, everyday. To remember those who free themselves; and those who are freed by others. To remember all those whether big or small, on the land or in the sea; as well as all those who are invisible to us in our everyday, in our soils and in our homes. And to remember all those whose homes and habitats we invade and destroy. [long pause]

But also to remember all those who live free from human interference and oppression, and the possibility that this offers to all others.

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