The Ladder of Engagement

The ladder of engagement is a framework we use to help deepen the engagement of our activist base.

Our goal is not only to get more people involved in the campaign, but to encourage greater involvement from those currently contributing. This section provides an overview of the scale we use to track engagement, and what we should be doing for activists at each stage in order to move them up the ladder and help them to deepen their connection to the campaign.

Engagement Assessments & Actions:

In order to track engagement levels, each activist is assigned a number in Action Builder. Below is a guide to the number ratings used in Action Builder to identify the level of campaign participation of each individual, and the actions needed to engage activists at each stage:

No Assessment

This person has completed the volunteer interest form and been entered into our system, but no actions have been taken, and they have not yet been contacted.

  • ACTION: Get in contact with this person to start building a relationship, get them informed on the campaign, and share next steps to get started. Mark them as a ‘1’ once we reach out, and mark the name of their Activist Steward in their profile.

1 – Prospect

This person has been contacted and assigned to an Activist Steward. They have not yet attended their first shift.

  • ACTION: Reach out to encourage this person to sign up for their first shift or come to a community event. Mark them as a ‘2’ once they attend their first shift.

2 – Recruit

This person has signed up for and attended at least their first shift.

  • ACTION: Stay in touch with this person, ask them how their first shift went and encourage them to sign up for another shift. Mark them as a ‘3’ once they begin attending regular shifts.

3 – Community Member

This person regularly attends shifts and community events. This is the ideal stage that we would like to get our campaigners to.

  • ACTION: Continue to stay in touch with this person and ensure they don’t drop their level of engagement. If they are reliable, consistent, and interested in taking on additional responsibilities, they are prime candidates to become organizers within the campaign. Help connect them with the Campaign Lead if they’re interested in this opportunity.

4 – Organizer

This person has taken on leadership responsibilities within the campaign, such as a role as an Activist Steward or Shift Captain.

  • ACTION: Rely on each other for support! Ask questions about what’s working well for other organizers, and offer your own strategies, wins, and learnings in the #organizers Slack channel.

5 – Staff

This person is a staff member at Pax Fauna and has additional responsibilities within the campaign.

  • ACTION: These are the people you can come to with any questions or concerns, or when decisions about the campaign need to be made.

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