Goals & Responsibilities

This page outlines the primary goals and responsibilities of a shift captain. The remaining sections of this guide will explain how to fulfill these responsibilities.

  1. Schedule and Fill Shifts

It is the shift captain’s responsibility to schedule regular shifts, as well as to enlist canvassers to sign up. Shift captains should host at least one shift per week on average (travel and other circumstances allowing).

  1. Act as Shift Host

During each shift, we want to ensure canvassers feel supported and that they are part of an organized group. Shift captains should kick off the shift with a briefing and plan for the day, provide support and check in with volunteers throughout the shift, and close with a discussion around successes and learnings.

  1. Support New Canvassers

First-time canvassers will need to be set up with clipboards, petition packets, and guidance on how to get started. The shift captain should provide resources, orientation, and training for any

inexperienced canvassers at the start of each shift. We recommend shift captains spend some time giving them tips and allowing them to shadow someone before heading off on their own.

  1. Provide Resources

It is the shift captain’s responsibility to bring all necessary materials for the shift and to supply volunteers with resources.

  1. Take Campaign Photos

It’s important for our team to have photos of canvassing in action. Ideally, shots would include the A-frame sign or clipboards, have faces visible, and include shots of people signing the petition. We also encourage a group shot before or after your shift!

  1. Foster a Sense of Community

Research and past experiences have shown that when volunteers feel a sense of belonging, relatedness, and community, they are more likely to stay involved. The shift captain is responsible for creating a sense of community among volunteers in their shift by providing support, feedback, and encouragement, and facilitating discussion and cohesion among the group.

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