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Reference page for activist steward tips and important links.

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Tips & Things to Remember

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Tips & Things to Remember


  • Advise people to download the Slack app on their computer and/or phone. Direct them to begin with the #welcome-start-here channel.

    • Downloading the Slack app is recommended.

    • Some channels are optional and must be opted into.

  • Read through each volunteer’s interest form responses to get a better understanding of the way they see themselves being involved in the campaign, as well as any particular needs, challenges, interests, etc. These details can help to create effective outreach that is more specific to each volunteer, and to ensure everyone is involved in a way that feels good to them.

  • Let the new volunteer know that the Volunteer Sign-Up sheet will be updated regularly. They will receive their petition materials and orientation when they arrive at their first shift.

  • If they are unable to make the available times and locations, let them know we can adjust shift times or schedule new ones depending on their availability and needs. Make sure to communicate this to a shift captain or leader so that we can accommodate them.

  • If they’re nervous to get started, remind them of the resources available (Canvassing Guide, Instructions for Petitioning, etc.), and encourage them to practice and get comfortable.

Outreach & Relationship-Building

  • This is a relationship-based role with a focus on getting to know each volunteer assigned to you and maintaining a relationship with them in order to help them feel comfortable and engaged.

  • Try to find the balance between checking in too much and too little. A weekly check-in message to each volunteer assigned to you is recommended.

  • Make sure you are taking notes in Action Builder to keep track of where each volunteer is at, including concerns or schedule updates that may be relevant to their canvassing participation.

    • Note upcoming vacation(s) or periods of time they will be unavailable, concerns around their experience, what they are looking for out of their participation, or any other notable responses that are worth logging for future reference.

  • It would be great to use social events as an opportunity to check in with your assigned people. If they show up to an event, make sure to help them feel welcome and provide encouragement for their participation so far.

  • If anyone is interested in taking on more responsibility or leadership, help connect them with the opportunity to do so.

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