Using Action Builder

Action Builder is a tool for helping you keep track of the activists in your assignment so you can make sure you’re staying in touch with all of them.

The following sections describe how to search and filter results within Action Builder, as well as how to update activist profiles including engagement ratings and notes so we can keep track of outreach and participation.

Getting Started with Action Builder:

  1. Navigate to Action Builder and log in.

    • If this is your first time logging in, reach out to Aidan to give you access.

  2. The ‘Wall Chart’ tab on the home page displays everyone who has completed the volunteer interest form, as well as their engagement rating (called an “assessment” in Action Builder), which is displayed to the left of their name.

  3. To find a campaigner’s profile to update their assessment, you can easily search by name using the steps in the next section.

  4. You can also filter your results using various criteria such as assessment rating, contact info, and last updated date.

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