Tips & FAQs

Best practices and tips for leading a petitioning shift, as well as some frequently asked questions.

Tips for Running Your Shift

  1. Remind first-timer canvassers not to worry about how many signatures they get, and just focus on getting comfortable with asking people to sign.

  2. Remind activists that people need to be actively approached for signatures - most people will not stop and engage on their own.

  3. We have to operate under the assumption that people from the animal agriculture industry will be trying to gather information on our campaign. If petitioners violate the rules (found in the petition packet), they could receive a fine.

  4. Get lots of photos throughout the event!

  5. See if anyone wants to meet up before or after your shift for coffee, a bite to eat, etc.


If a volunteer comes to a shift but hasn’t filled out the interest form, can they still participate?

Volunteers need to complete the interest form and agree to the code of conduct before they begin canvassing. You can direct them to the link and have them complete it before they get started – it only takes a couple minutes.

What should canvassers do with completed petition packets?

Canvassers should keep their completed petition packets and let Brent or Sage know so they can arrange to collect them. Completed petitions can also be notarized and collected at social events. Canvassers should not fill out the notary form on the last page of the packet until it has been collected.

What is the average rate of signatures per hour, in case anyone asks or is looking for a rough goal?

Experienced canvassers average around 22 signatures per hour.

Can people who say they will be registered to vote soon still sign?

No, people need to be registered at the time of signature. Let them know we’ll be petitioning through October and they can find us another time.

What should I do if approached by a reporter? Can I answer their questions about the campaign?

Avoid answering any questions from reporters and instead direct them to the website, where they can find additional information and contact the support team directly.

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