Recruiting Volunteers for Your Shift

Once you have created a shift, it’s up to you to fill it! This page outlines how.

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Filling Your Shift

Using Action Builder for Shift Outreach

Outreach Scripts

Filling Your Shift

  1. To check on who has signed up for your shift, click on ‘Pro-Animal Future Canvassing Shifts’ under ‘My signup sheets’ on the main page of the Volunteer Signup Website.

  1. This will take you to a table view, where you can review volunteer names and contact info for anyone who has signed up.

  1. If you still have open slots available, reach out directly to volunteers to encourage them to sign up. You can do this in a few different ways:

    • Use the #canvass-shifts Slack channel to spread the word about your shift and encourage volunteers to sign up.

    • Use Action Builder to reach out to volunteers individually.

Using Action Builder for Shift Outreach:

  1. Navigate to the main page of Action Builder and log in.

    **If this is your first time logging in, reach out to Brent to give you access.

  2. Apply filters using the right-hand table labeled ‘Filter Results’.

    • Select 'Info'.

    • Open the ‘Include’ drop-down menu.

    • Search for and select the time frame of your shift (i.e. Sunday afternoon). This will filter your results to only show volunteers that specified availability for that day and time.

  1. Click on ‘Run Query’ at the top of the panel to filter your results.

  1. From the filtered list of volunteer names, select the volunteer you’d like to reach out to, and take note of their contact preferences.

  1. Reach out via their preferred mode of contact.

    • For outreach to new volunteers, we recommend saying something along the lines of the scripts below, but add in some personal touches to make it your own!

  2. If you have a back-and-forth with a volunteer about canvassing at your shift, add a short "note" to their file in Action Builder.

Outreach Scripts

Script A (for new canvassers):

Hi _____,

I'm_____, and I'm helping to organize the Pro-Animal Future ballot measure campaigns in Denver. I saw you filled out the volunteer interest form. Thanks for doing that!

We have a few quick steps we still need from you: 1) Join our Slack channel so you can stay connected with the campaign. 2) Watch our short orientation video or schedule an orientation call with Brent. 3) Sign up for your first shift!

Here is the link to get you started:

We currently have some shifts posted for [insert shift times]. Would you be interested in signing up for one? There will be an organizer there who will give you your materials, get you started, and help you gain confidence canvassing.

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help.

Script B (for less-new canvassers):

Hi ____, this is ____ with Pro-Animal Future. I’m running a canvassing shift on [date, time, and location]. I need a few more people to have the biggest impact. Will you join me? You can sign up at

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