Outreach Considerations

When reaching out to an endorser, think about these points:

What is your connection to the individual or group?

Ideally, we want to leverage existing personal relationships in making these asks. If you have an individual or group in mind but aren’t personally associated with them, connect with Campaign Coordinator, Lauren Uram, to work together on the outreach.

How should you reach out?

Ideally, this conversation would happen in person or over the phone so you can discuss the details and build rapport. Avoid more impersonal outreach like email. This gives you the ability to have an open discussion about the campaign and immediately address any questions or hesitations.

What talking points should you use?

It may be helpful to review our most frequently asked questions, as well as some of the other talking points found on our website in advance of your conversation. You might also want to come prepared with the names of similar organizations or individuals who have already agreed to endorse us, as well as any recent success stories that highlight our campaign’s momentum.

How can you personalize your outreach?

Think about how you can focus your conversation on what will matter most to that specific individual or group. For example, when speaking to an environmental organization, focusing on talking points centered around the environmental harms of fur farms and slaughterhouses will highlight how our causes are aligned.

What if they need more information?

If the person you spoke to is looking for more details before they can make a commitment, be sure to direct them to our website, which has a list of FAQs as well as detailed information about our organization and campaign. Then, send a follow-up email after your conversation to reaffirm what you talked about, share additional details, and answer any remaining questions.

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