What is Our Ask?

If someone agrees to endorse us, these are the ways that they can support our efforts.

Formal Endorsement

Our goal is to get endorsement commitments from a variety of individuals, organizations, and businesses in the local community. A formal endorsement means that they are okay with us telling people that they publicly support our campaign. This may include featuring their name and logo in our campaign marketing materials or on our website.

Other Ways They Can Support

If you feel comfortable making additional asks to those who eagerly support us, there are many other ways that endorsers can help. If someone agrees to one of the following, put them in touch with your Campaign Coordinator, Lauren Uram.

Campaign Marketing

  • Mentioning us in their newsletter

  • Sending an email to their subscribers on our behalf

  • Putting up signs in their business

  • Backlinking us on their website

Event Partnership

  • Co-hosting an event with us

  • Giving out PAF marketing materials at their events

  • Offering coupons, discounts, free food or goods, raffle prizes, etc.

  • Allowing us to speak at one of their events

  • Speaking to our community at a PAF event

Shared Media

  • Partnering with us on a social media post

  • Co-writing an op-ed with us

  • Sharing our messaging with their base

  • Inviting us to participate in their hosted media (podcast, blog, etc.)

  • Making an introduction to other individuals or groups who might support us

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