Messaging Suggestions

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind for how to most effectively share messaging about the campaign.

Ensure Accuracy and Credibility

If you plan to share any facts or statistics, you are encouraged to fact-check, provide reliable sources where needed, and share the lower end of a statistic for the sake of accuracy. Misinformation can harm the campaign's reputation and credibility.

Use a Positive and Inclusive Tone

Please avoid any negative or divisive language that could alienate potential supporters. A respectful and constructive tone when posting or having online discussions will resonate with a wider audience and is more likely to be persuasive and allow you to build connections.

Share Personal Stories

Personal stories and anecdotes are very effective at highlighting the impact of our campaign on real people's lives. Sharing your own personal experiences can create emotional connections and help make our campaign more relatable. If you’d like to go deeper on this, feel free to check out our storytelling guide!

Use Visual Content

Videos, reels, and photos that include people tend to get the best engagement. People love to see other people, and to hear them speak passionately about the things they care about. An example would be a video talking about your personal experience with the campaign, why this cause matters to you, or why people should come canvass with you!

Make a Call to Action

Your posts about our campaign may very well be converting your followers to supporters. While persuading people of the importance of what we’re trying to accomplish is key, we also want to share how to channel their support into action. Whether it’s asking them to sign the petition or to come volunteer with you, it’s good practice to guide your followers on what action to take.


  • “Come join our next campaign social to learn how you can help make history for animals.”

  • “Reach out if you want to join me on my next canvassing shift.” [link to]

  • “Donate to support our fight for animal freedom.” [link to]

  • “Be a pro-animal voter [sign our petition / vote yes].”

**Note: Include relevant links where possible to make it easy for people to take action! On Instagram, you can add a link to your story or bio, and on Facebook it’s best to link in a comment.

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