PAF Content Ideas

Here are some ideas for PAF-related content that would be particularly helpful in furthering our message, building support, and getting others involved.

The ideas below contain good examples of each type of post, as well as language that you can feel free to modify slightly and use on your own page.

Table of Contents:

Petitioning in Action

Photos of you out petitioning and interacting with the public about PAF’s campaign, along with a description of how to get involved or a direct ask to your followers.

Example Posts:

Language Ideas:

  • I loved getting to talk with my fellow Denver residents about voting to evolve towards a cruelty-free food system.

  • If you’re an animal lover like me, you can help create a better world for animals through the political process.

  • Thank you to [X number of voters] who have already signed to get these causes on next year’s ballot.

  • Come campaign with me if you want to help make history for animals here in Denver.

  • Come find us at [X location / X time] to sign our petition and stand up for change.

Community Socials

Posts about our community events, along with an invitation to your followers to get in touch if they’re interested in joining our next social.

Example Posts:

Language Ideas:

  • So proud to be a part of this community of activists standing up for animals.

  • We are working on getting a fur ban and slaughterhouse ban in front of voters here in Denver next year, and we have reached [X signatures or % to goal] so far thanks to the hard work of this crew.

  • If you’re looking to connect with other animal lovers, eat a delicious & free plant-based meal, and help make history for animals, this is your chance!

  • Come hang at our next social. All are welcome!

News Stories

Sharing or re-sharing any positive news coverage of our campaign can help build confidence in our mission and show our cause gaining traction.

Example Posts:

Language Ideas:

  • For a written article, your caption could be a blurb from the published piece.

  • Many people actively bury their feelings about the suffering animals endure. As a result, nobody realizes that everyone else is feeling the same dissonance.

  • We may not have much power as individual consumers, but this measure gives voters a chance to improve things together.

  • We’ve evolved before, and we’re evolving again, but the question is: how fast? For the animals’ sake, it can’t happen soon enough.

  • I’m voting yes to ban slaughter in Denver and accelerate society’s next evolution.

Community Involvement

Posts about PAF’s attendance or involvement in public or community-based events, as well as our alignment with other local causes. This shows our campaign’s intersectionality with other values and missions, and how we fit into the broader scheme of our community.

Language Ideas:

  • Language that connects our cause to the particular event.

  • Abundant plant food and meat alternatives are widely available, while millions of Americans thrive eating animal-free.

  • Globeville in Denver is the most polluted residential zip code in the US, and this poorer community is the only part of Denver with a slaughterhouse.

  • The slaughterhouse, which sits right on the West Platte River, has been in violation of the Clean Water Act for 3 years, failing to report how much pollution it’s emitting.

  • When we protested outside the slaughterhouse in Denver, we met workers who were covered in animals’ blood. One of them told us he would get another job if he could. This is not surprising given the high rates of injury and depression that slaughterhouse workers face.

Your Campaign Experience

Talking about the reasons why this campaign holds personal meaning to you, why you got involved, or how the campaign’s mission fits into your life may strike a chord with others who hold similar values. Speaking to your direct experience can help inspire others to do what you’re doing!

Language Ideas:

  • At a young age, I learned to eat meat without thinking about who it had been.

  • In time, I realized that the discomfort I felt with eating animals had been right all along. We should be upset by the unnecessary suffering of animals.

  • I’d never thought about how we could create a better world for animals through the political process, just like other movements. Ever since then, I’ve been spending my free time petitioning to end slaughterhouses and the fur industry in Denver.

Positive Animal Photos

Uplifting photos of animals you meet who are living happy and fulfilled lives, along with a message and a call to action.

Language Ideas:

  • Discuss the animal’s individual traits and personality; what their life looks like vs. the fate they may have avoided.

  • Animals headed to slaughter fight back. They scream, kick, and attempt to run, and some are lucky enough to escape. When they do, they often end up at sanctuaries where they are cared for like family, and they will never be slaughtered.

  • If you have an emotional reaction to seeing footage of animals suffering in slaughterhouses [or fur farms], that’s a good sign that you’re a human being.

  • We should listen to that compassion, because it’s a hallmark of our humanity. This initiative is on the right side of history.

  • To visit an animal sanctuary is to step into a future where we give all animals the freedom they deserve. Now, voters have a chance to bring that future one step closer.

Your Own Creative Ideas!

While this list presents some suggestions around the types of posts most conducive to building support for our campaign, we encourage you to get creative and to express your passion for PAF’s cause in ways that feel authentic to you! This is your page and your audience, so feel free to experiment with different ways of building support and awareness for our mission.

Post Ideas:

  • Sharing an interesting conversation or interaction while out petitioning.

  • You and your fellow canvassers hanging out or enjoying some food post-shift.

  • Shoutouts of other people in the community who are contributing a lot, taking a unique approach, or are stepping up in some way that you’d like to share.

  • A photo of you petting a dog while out petitioning, or enjoying your time with the public.

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