Things to Consider

Here are a few things to consider if you’re planning to post about the campaign.

PAF’s Code of Conduct

Pro-Animal Future's Code of Conduct extends to online settings. Even when representing PAF on your own personal channels, we ask that our code of conduct be followed and that all members of the community and public be treated with respect when discussing our campaign. A few things to keep in mind when engaging with others online:

  • We do not use or condone speciesist, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, ageist, or otherwise discriminatory language, including ridiculing or demeaning comments, even if intended to be humorous.

  • We approach disagreements and different opinions with curiosity. We default to giving others the benefit of the doubt, especially when communicating online.

  • We embody the ideals of nonviolence and nonviolent direct action by directing our anger at systems, not the individuals who are caught up in those systems.

Our Goals

While PAF’s objectives may change over the course of a campaign, the goals for our online presence are typically centered around:

  • Convincing undecided voters to support our measures.

  • Coaxing supportive voters to strengthen the campaign by subscribing, donating, or encouraging their friends and family to support.

  • Recruiting new activists to join our campaign and help us reach more people.

Your Audience

You know your online audience better than anyone! It may be helpful to cater your messaging to who your followers are, and adjust the goals of your posts accordingly. For example:

  • If you are followed by a lot of activists, it may be a good idea to have your posts centered around donations or recruiting, including for remote volunteer opportunities.

  • If you are followed by a lot of local non-vegans, your messaging could be more informational in order to enlighten people on why they should support our measures.

Collaboration with PAF

When you make a post related to the campaign, feel free to tag us at @proanimalfuture, or add us as a collaborator when posting to Facebook or Instagram. If your account is private, you can ask us to follow you by direct messaging the PAF account if you’re open to us re-sharing the content that you post for more visibility!

You can also help us by interacting with our content, which broadens its reach. Links to our PAF channels are below:

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