Rules & Policies

This section covers the rules and policies that should be abided by when hosting an event.

Remember that not everyone may be aware of these rules, especially a newer attendee, so it’s important to be kind and welcoming in your approach to correcting any policy violations.

  1. No drugs or alcohol.

    All social and community events should be free of recreational drugs and alcohol. It’s the organizer’s responsibility to ensure the host is aware of this policy, and to state it in marketing materials so that attendees are also aware. This ensures that events remain professional as well as safe and inclusive to those in recovery, children, or those that don’t wish to be around drug and alcohol use. If an attendee or host violates this policy, politely and discreetly remind them of our rules, welcome them in, and offer to put their items aside for them to take with them when they leave (e.g. put items in the fridge if the host is ok with it).

  2. Event space is clean, safe, and welcoming.

    It’s important that we provide a clean and welcoming space for the event. The space should be reasonably cleaned, sanitary, and free of clutter. We want to ensure the comfort of all event attendees, as well as to create a positive first impression for anyone new to the community.

  3. Respect the host’s space.

    All attendees of the event should be respectful of the host’s space and any rules they may have for their home. Set a precedent of taking shoes off by the door, and asking the host before bringing any animals. Check in with the host before the event to see if they have any special rules for their space, and communicate those as needed in the promo for the event. Hanging signs about removing shoes or other important rules may also be helpful. If any guests are not abiding by the host’s rules, gently and discreetly remind them.

  4. Meals should be budget-friendly and hypoallergenic.

    The cook(s) should be made aware of our requirements around allergens and dietary restrictions, as well as our food guide to help them plan. We will offer to reimburse them, as long as they try to abide by a target budget of about $100 (or about $4/attendee).

  5. All attendees and organizers should practice veganism during the event.

    This applies to the preparation of food, any food brought by attendees, and visible items in the host’s space. If someone violates this policy, gently and discreetly remind them of the expectations of these events. If they made or brought an item that does not follow this policy, help them to put it aside to ensure no one eats it by mistake.

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