Goals & Responsibilities

This page outlines the primary goals and responsibilities of an activist steward. The remaining sections of this guide will explain how to fulfill these responsibilities.

  1. Guiding Activists through the Ladder of Engagement

Each activist steward will have an assigned set of activists that they’ll help to move through the ladder of engagement. The goal of the activist steward is to invite people to get more involved in the campaign over time, to begin to identify with the work, and to engage in the campaign more deeply.

  1. New Canvasser Onboarding

Once someone fills out the volunteer interest form, we want to do everything we can to encourage their involvement. Activist stewards are responsible for outreach to new campaigners, as having a connection with someone ahead of time will help them to feel a part of the group and more comfortable signing up for their first shift.

  1. Building Relationships with Campaigners

Grassroots movements such as ours rely on a group of dedicated activists. Offering canvassers a consistent sense of connection helps create a feeling of belonging and shared commitment to the campaign. When people feel connected to others around a shared goal, they are more likely to remain engaged over the long term. The activist steward should spend time getting to know all canvassers assigned to them, staying in contact, and encouraging them to participate in campaigning and social events.

  1. Updating Activist Profiles & Notes in Action Builder

In order to track activists’ progression through the ladder of engagement, you’ll need to keep their profiles up to date in Action Builder. Important notes from your conversations with campaigners should also be logged so that other organizers are aware, as well as any recent outreach so we can avoid repetitive messaging.

  1. Encouraging Growth

As the person guiding activists through the levels of engagement, it’s important to encourage individuals to grow within the campaign. If anyone is interested in taking on additional responsibilities or leadership, an activist steward should help connect them with the opportunity to do so.

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