Sample Script

Play around with these ideas, and do what works for you.

Petitioner: "Hi there... just a quick signature to help animals?!"

Pedestrian: "Sure; what is it about?"

Petitioner: "We're collecting signatures for a ballot measure to ban the sale of fur products in the City of Denver. Are you a Denver resident/registered to vote in Denver?"

Pedestrian: "Yes, I'm registered to vote in Denver. I'm curious to know more. Why should we ban the sale of fur products in Denver?"

Petitioner: "The fur industry is extremely cruel and unnecessary. Several other cities, including Boulder and the state of California, have passed similar laws, and we want to advance protections for animals by bringing this to Denver."

Pedestrian: "Sure, I'll sign that!"

Petitioner: [after they sign the first petition] "And would you be willing to sign one more petition? This one is to ban slaughterhouses in the City of Denver."

Pedestrian: "Oh hmm, interesting. Tell me more about it. Why should we ban slaughterhouses in Denver?"

Petitioner: "In general, slaughterhouses are bad for neighborhoods, bad for workers, bad for the environment, and bad for animals. A lot of people agree that our society needs to begin transitioning toward a more humane and sustainable food system, and this is one step in the right direction."

Pedestrian: "Okay, yeah, I'll sign it."

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