Event Role Checklists

Delegating roles for a social event helps them to run more smoothly by creating clear responsibilities in the distribution of tasks. One person can take on multiple roles.

Below are the roles that can be assigned to help the event run smoothly, along with the responsibilities asked of each role. As the organizer, you’ll share these role checklists with the people fulfilling the roles so they have a clear understanding of what they are accountable for.

Essential Event Roles

These roles are essential for running the event and should be assigned in advance.

Optional Event Roles

These roles can either be assigned at the event, or may not be necessary for every event.

Can be assigned at the event if needed.

Can be assigned at the event if needed.

Only necessary for events where work tasks will be completed.

We will not have a presentation or training at every event.

Only necessary for hybrid events with virtual attendees.

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